Software Patent News for July 4th

Software Patent Bits for July 4th:

  • Bilski at the BPAI – What a Mess (Part 1) – [The 271 Patent Blog]
    "…the process of determining patentable subject matter after Bilski has become a weird, metaphysical endeavor. It has gotten to the point that a given claim may receive 4 different interpretations from 4 different people, and each of them could be arguably correct. In the case of computer-related inventions, the end result of a patentability analysis is rarely supportable with a single, cogent rationale."
  • In Re Bilski Discussion [Intellectual Property Colloquium]
    "In its . . .decision in In Re Bilski, the Federal Circuit articulates a new test for whether a given innovative process falls within the subject matter of federal patent law. In this audio presentation, Professors Rob Merges and John Duffy join moderator Doug Lichtman to think through what the new test actually means; where it came from; and whether it will actually change the kinds of patents that issue." (Nov. 2008)