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Trademarks Have Different Meanings: Responding to a Trademark Cease and Desist

“‘PLAYERS’ for shoes implies a fit, style, color and durability adapted to outdoor activities. ‘PLAYERS’ for men’s underwear implies something else, primarily indoors in nature.” – Trademark Trial and Appeals Board.

PlayersTrademarkBritish Bulldog Ltd. applied to register the trademark PLAYERS on the goods of men’s underwear. The trademark examiner ┬árefused to register the mark claiming that it conflicted with a previously registered mark PLAYERS for the goods of shoes.

But the appeals board overturned the refusal and found that there was no likelihood of confusion between the marks in the case of In re British Bulldog, Ltd., 224 U.S.P.Q. 854 (TTAB 1980).

How could identical marks not be in conflict when used on items that a person wears, e.g. underwear and shoes?

Was it because the goods of underwear …

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