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When a First Use is Not a First Use in Commerce for a Trademark Application

First Use In Commerce USPTO TrademarkThe date that you first used your trademark could be, but probably is not, the correct date to use as the first use in commerce date in a federal trademark application. Why? Because in many cases the first use of the trademark was on a website or marketing material before an actual sale or shipment of the goods or rendering of the service.

First Use in Commerce

For each class of goods or services in a federal trademark, you must declare when you first used the mark in commerce for those goods or services. Use in commerce has a specific meaning under the law. It does not mean simply using the mark. The use must also be combined with a sale of goods or a rendering of the services.


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Trademark Application Part: The Mark (Drawing)

TrademarkApplication_Mark_and_DrawingFiling a federal trademark application online looks easy. Just fill in the blanks in the online form, right? But it is not necessarily easy. Some errors are uncorrectable and can doom a trademark application. This is the first post in a multi-part series discussing the parts of a U.S. federal trademark application. In this post I’ll discuss the mark (the drawing) portion of the trademark application. Before filing a trademark application you should considered doing a trademark search.

The mark/drawing section of the application is were you specify the mark that you want to register. You will have to choose between a standard character trademark or a special form trademark. If you intend to register a standard character trademark, then you need to know the …

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Viewing Patent Application Status and History at USPTO Online with PAIR

USPTO_Public_PAIRThe USPTO provides online access to the file history and the current status of patents and published applications through a system called PAIR (Patent Application Information Retrieval). The file history, sometimes called the file wrapper, is a record of all the documents filed by the applicant and the USPTO regarding a patent or patent application. Review of the file history can be helpful in many circumstances to understand more about what the applicant said to the USPTO, during the prosecution of the application. You can also determine the status of a published application or patent using public PAIR.

Here’s a navigation table to make it easier to skip to the sections that are of interest.

  1. Access and Logging in
  2. Bibliographic Data (Application/Patent Status)
  3. Transaction History
  4. Image File Wrapper (Downloadable Files)
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