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How to Position a Trademark Application to Avoid Conflict with a Similar Mark

US_TM_Reg4137026Nikon Corporation filed a trademark application to register the mark MMD for the goods of (1) laser scanners for industrial inspection and for geometrical measurement, and not for use with land surveying equipment, and (2) software for collection and interpretation of data in the operation of laser scanners, not for use with land surveying equipment. The USPTO trademark examining attorney refused registration based on prior registration no. 4137026 of the mark MMD (and dog design, shown to the right of this paragraph) for land surveying equipment.

The Trademark Trial and Appeals (Board) found that the marks were similar because while the prior registration contained a graphical dog, words “are normally accorded greater weight because the words are likely to make an impression upon purchasers.”

The Board also found the goods of both marks were related …

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Sophisticated Purchasers and Expensive Services: Responding to Trademark Cease and Desist

ChannelsOfTradeIn my last post, I discussed the case of EDS versus EDS. In that case, one company that used the EDS mark opposed another company’s registration of the mark EDS. Identical trademarks. Sales to the same customers. But no conflict.

One reason for the result was that goods/services provided by the respective companies were sold in different channels of trade to different purchasers.

Another reason–the focus of this post–is that the customers that purchased the goods/services of each company were sophisticated purchasers.

First, a quick recap of parties and their products/services. Electronic Design & Sales, Inc. (“Electronic Design”) filed an application to register the mark E.D.S. for power supplies or battery chargers.Electronic Data System Corp. (“Electronic Data”) opposed Electronic Design’s trademark application for E.D.S in Electronic Design & Sales,

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