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Illinois State Trademark Registration Does Not Grant Rights Throughout the State

Steak_and_Brew_trademarkSteak & Brew, Inc.’s predecessor owned an Illinois trademark registration on STEAK & BREW and operated a restaurant under the STEAK & BREW mark in Peoria, Illinois up to the fall of 1971. In April of 1971, Beef & Brew Restaurant, Inc. opened a restaurant under the name BEEF & BREW in Rock Island, Illinois.

Steak & Brew sued Beef & Brew alleging Beef & Brew infringed its Illinois State trademark registration, but lost in the case of Steak & Brew Inc. v. Beef & Brew Restaurant, Inc., 370 Supp. 1030 (S.D.Ill. 1974).

Steak & Brew lost not because the word “Steak” is different from the word “Beef” in the respective marks. But it lost because of the counter-intuitive principle that an Illinois state trademark registration does not grant …

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